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Alliance for the Sustainable Development of Indigenous Communities of Baja California

In 2004 Terra Peninsular, the Institute of Native Cultures of Baja California (Instituto de Culturas Nativas de Baja California, CUNA), indigenous artisans of Baja California and the Kumiai communities of San Antonio Necua and San Jose de la Zorra from Sierra Blanca, established the Alliance for the Sustainable Development of Indigenous Communities of Baja California (Alianza para el Desarrollo Sustentable en las Comunidades Indígenas de Baja California, ADESU). The goal of the Alliance is the conservation of the cultural and natural heritage in the Peninsula.

During the first seven years of existence, ADESU has achieved the creation of a sustainable development plan of San Antonio Necua, the implementation of community development strategies in San Jose de la Zorra, and cultural exchanges between indigenous communities from Baja California, California and Arizona, among others. On November 2010, the Baja California craftsmen (more than 120 Kumiai, Paipai, Kiliwa and Cucapah artists) were awarded with the National Award for the Sciences and the Art (Premio Nacional de Ciencias y Artes 2010). The craftsmen received this award thanks to the quality and originality of their work, for the use of local materials and the preservation of traditional techniques. This award is the highest recognition to influential individuals or groups in the field of sciences and art in Mexico.

Rito Silva Topete, representative of indigenous
craftsmen,receives the National Award for the
Science and the Art from the Mexican President
Felipe Calderon.

Festival Nativa/Kuri Kuri

The “Kuri Kuri” is a traditional indigenous festivity in Baja California. In the past, different family clans used to gather to share information, news and traditional products, and to sing and dance. Since 2005, the Alliance celebrates the Festival Nativa/Kuri Kuri to promote the native culture and sustainable development among the general public, and strengthen the relationships between indigenous craftsmen.

Terra Peninsular, CUNA and the indigenous craftsmen invite you to the Festival Nativa 2011 (at the “Malecon”) on August 6 and 7, beginning at 10 am. Come and learn about our indigenous heritage and support sustainable development in the Baja California Peninsula!

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