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A Note from the Executive Director

Saúl Alarcón Farfán
Executive Director Terra Peninsular

For ten years, Terra has conserved the natural beauty of Baja California and has become one of the most effective land conservation organizations in the Peninsula. Thanks to the support of people like you, Terra has:

  • Protected more than 21,600 acres of coastal sage scrub in the Baja California Central region through usufruct contracts and land purchases
  • Protected more than 4,450 acres in Sierra de Juarez through conservation agreements with small landowners.
  • Reintroduced, in collaboration with the Center for Scientific Research and Higher Education in Ensenada, the National Institute of Ecology, and the San Diego Zoo, the first ten California condors in Baja California. The species had been extinct in Mexico since 1937.
  • Reforestation of 74 acres of Yucca schidigera and Salvia apiana for conservation and commercial uses in Ejido La Huerta (a Cochimi community).
  • Reforestation of 100 acres of Yucca schidigera at Misión Santa Catarina (a Pai Pai community).
Our organization has ambitious conservation goals and in the next year we are hoping to achieve:
  • The conservation of an additional 10,000 acres of coastal sage scrub
  • The establishment of a 290,000-acre natural protected area in Bahia San Quintin
  • The establishment of partnerships with indigenous communities to protect watersheds in Sierra Blanca and Valle de Guadalupe
We are confident that with your support Terra Peninsular will achieve its conservation goals in 2011 and continue protecting the amazing natural beauty of the Baja California Peninsula in the years to come.


Saúl Alarcón Farfán
Executive Director
Terra Peninsular, A.C.

Terra Peninsular Donors – 2011
• Bart O’ Brien, Rancho Santa Ana Botanic Garden
• BJ Ledyard
• Bob & Hanno Lewis
• Colin Khoury
• David Loeb, Bay Nature Magazine
• Ed Silver
• Judy Liber
• Kyle Todd Public Service Foundation, Inc.
• Lisa M. Fimiani
• Lyn Talkovsky
• Marisla Foundation
• Mike Eaton
• Phyllis Faber
• Resources Legacy Foundation
• Robert Maddock, Inverness Counsel
• Susan Smartt, California League of Conservation Voters
• Worldwide Small Change Foundation, Inc.

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