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Take the challenge and double your impact-Protect Baja California for future generations!

Since 2001, Terra has worked to protect over 1.4 million acres of critically important lands and protect unique habitats that harbor the plants and wildlife species found only in the Peninsula of Baja California. With continued pressures to develop the Peninsula’s beautiful coastline and remaining wilderness and ecosystem in this pristine hotspot, Terra needs your support to continue its fight to protect Baja California for future generations. As a recipient of a generous challenge grant, the Resources Legacy Foundation will match new and increased donations received in 2011. Please click here to take the challenge and double your impact - help Terra protect Baja California.

Conserving the Natural Beauty of Baja California since 2001
Just beyond California’s southern border lies the Peninsula of Baja California – a land as diverse as it is beautiful. The Peninsula’s wilderness is part of the same greater ecosystem that exists in much of California – so biologically rich – “Conservation International” designated Baja as one of the world’s 34 “biodiversity hotspots”. Since 2001, Terra has worked to protect Baja California’s biodiversity and open spaces in perpetuity.

Take the challenge – double your impact! Please take this opportunity to maximize your gift and support Terra: With your help Terra will continue it’s aggressive campaigns to conserve Baja California’s biodiversity, habitats and open spaces and conserve the vast stretches of pristine landscapes in the Peninsula of Baja California, ensuring that these important
habitats and the species they support are protected for future generations:

• Protecting 300,000 acres of coastal habitats in the Bahia San Quintin - El Rosario region
• Protecting the biodiversity of the Sierra de Juarez region by establishing 740,000 acres as natural protected area

For more information about our conservation programs, please contact Saul Alarcon Farfan, Executive Director (saul@terrapeninsular.org).

Donations received through the International Community Foundation are fully tax-deductible. Click here to donate online, or send a check made payable to The Terra Peninsular Fund / International Community Foundation:

Send to: The International Community Foundation
Attn: The Terra Peninsular Fund, 2505 N Avenue, National City, CA. 91950.

For additional information, please contact Denisse Roldan Newell at the International Community Foundation (denisse@icfdn.org).

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