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Terra Peninsular Kicks Off Exciting New Outreach Program

These are exciting times for Terra Peninsular, a time of fast growth that will propel Terra Peninsular to be the most efficient non-profit in Baja California. As you may have already know, Terra has had an extremely solid scientific background and has had many environmental conservation accomplishments; since December of 2010, Terra has been working hard to strengthen its administrative component. With new full time staff like Saul, Celia and Arturo, and with the help of the International Community Foundation (ICF) and very dedicated volunteers, Terra now has the most complete well-rounded and experienced team of conservationists in Mexico.

Terra Peninsular now has a Youtube channel where you will be able to watch the many Baja California conservation accomplishments; a Facebook page that you can be a Fan of, and stay current on Terra’s activities and plans, you will also be able to watch videos, photos, read news and articles, and stay in constant communication with your friendly Terra team.

Shortly, Terra will start giving environmental awareness presentations to local Tijuana and Ensenada schools, and finishing up the design of what will be the funnest volunteer program in Baja California, and have plans to establish a community center where local environmentalists, college students, teachers and kids will meet to interactively learn about the beauty and magic of Baja’s hidden natural treasures.

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Terra’s Community Outreach Manager
Arturo Angeles at the Tequila Sunset
event in April at San Francisco’s Botanical Garden.

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