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Terra’s Participation at Public Events on the Rise

First at the Tequila Sunset at the San Francisco Botanical Garden, then at Ensenada in the Festival Nativa 2011, where the remaining indigenous communities of Baja California will gather for an event; Terra Peninsular’s public event participation campaign is quickly growing.

Tequila Sunset at the San Francisco
Botanical Garden. April, 2011.

Terra’s public event participation campaign started in spring with the Tequila Sunset festival in April at the beautiful San Francisco Botanical Garden. Terra Peninsular was a co-sponsor of the event and had an information table to talk about the various conservation projects and new programs that are starting this year. With a Mexican theme, the 250 attendees enjoyed an evening of Mariachi music, Tequila tasting and traditional Mexican snacks.

Indigenous communities of Baja California
will gather at the Festival Nativa 2011.
The second of many events participation to come this year, will be at the Festival Nativa 2011, Festival of Traditional Arts, that will take place the first weekend of August at the heart of Ensenada. More than a 100 artists of Cucapá, Kiliwa, Kumiai and Paipai Baja California indigenous communities will gather at Ventana al Mar, Ensenada, to celebrate their traditions and share their heritage with the public. There will be cultural exhibitions, indigenous traditional children games, artisan contests, traditional food, songs and dance, and art exhibition and sales. Terra Peninsular, being part of the Alliance for the Sustainable Development of Indigenous Communities of Baja California, whose goal is to conserve the cultural and natural heritage of Baja, will be present assisting with the organization of the event, event volunteer recruitment and talking to tourists and locals about Terra’s work to conserve the lands that are home to the indigenous communities of Baja.

If you live near Ensenada, this is definitely a drive worth doing and event worth attending. This will be the only opportunity to meet the few actual native Indians of Baja California, learn about their customs and about environmental conservation.

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