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Become a Steward for the Environment … Learn How at Terra’s Community Center and Gallery

Thanks to everyone who came and supported Terra Peninsular at the Festival Nativa (*)  2011.  An annual event in Ensenada, the Festival Nativa strives to raise cultural awareness about indigenous cultures through the celebration of traditional song, dance, arts and crafts (Cucapa, Kiliwa, Kumiai and Paipai artists and communities).  

With approximately 5,000 in attendance, this two-day event in was filled with cultural exhibits, artisan contests, traditional games, documentaries, a languages pavilion, indigenous art exhibits, music .. and this year Terra Peninsular!  

Check out Terra's Video from the 2011 Festival Nativa (thanks to Liliana Hueso)  
Team Terra take action at the Nativa 2011 (photo courtesy of Liliana Hueso)
Terra volunteers worked tirelessly to make sure the community knew about Terra’s mission to conserve Baja California and to announce plans for the opening gala for Terra’s Community Center and Gallery.  A place where the walls are graced with beautiful images (donated by Alan Harper, PhD and Terra Board Member) of a Sunrise at Punta Colonet or a photo of the Condor Country in Sierra San Pedro Martir.  Where community members and environmental organizations will gather to educate and share their knowledge on the work that they do and show you ways you can get involved through action.

Our goal is to educate our community to become environmental stewards through active involvement and hands-on experience.  If you are interested in signing up to learn more about our Community Center and Gallery – please send Arturo Angeles, Community Outreach Manager, an email at info@terrapeninsular.org with your contact information (name / email / telephone / address).  

For ten years, Terra has used solid scientific research and establish successful partnerships with other community organizations and the US / Mexico government to conserve Baja California’s biodiversity for future generations.  To continue this important work, we need your help:

SHARE THE NEWS – TELL A FRIEND & PASS IT ON:  Forward our newsletter to your friends and family and have them sign up to receive important information about Terra’s mission:  www.terrapeninsular.org / Facebook

BECOME A TERRA VOLUNTEER – WE NEED YOUR HELP!  Exciting events and volunteer opportunities coming up!  Interested?  Send an email to Arturo Angeles, Community Outreach Manager with your complete contact information: volunteers@terrapeninsular.org / Subject Line:  Volunteering for Terra!

WORKSHOPS AND GUIDED TOURS THROUGH TERRA’S PROJECT SITES: Be sure to sign-up on our website to receive our news alerts and become a fan of the Terra Peninsular Facebook page: www.terrapeninsular.org / Facebook

MEET THE CHALLENGE – DOUBLE YOUR IMPACT: Your commitment to the environment and dedication to making a difference provides Terra the essential support needed to continue our work addressing critical conservation initiatives affecting the Peninsula of Baja California. As a recipient of a generous challenge grant, the Resources Legacy Foundation will match new and increased donations received in 2011 - http://www.icfdn.org/initiatives/terra.php

As you all know, our success depends on your continued support and involvement. Thanks for supporting Terra!

(*) In 2004 Terra Peninsular, the Institute of Native Cultures of Baja California (Instituto de Culturas Nativas de Baja California, CUNA), indigenous craftsmen of Baja California and the Kumiai communities of San Antonio Necua and San Jose de la Zorra from Sierra Blanca, established the Alliance for the Sustainable Development of Indigenous Communities of Baja California  (Alianza para el Desarrollo Sustentable en las Comunidades Indígenas de Baja California, ADESU).  The goal of the Alliance is the conservation of the cultural and natural heritage in the Peninsula. 


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