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A Note from the Executive Director

Saúl Alarcón Farfán - Executive Director
Nonprofit organizations are an important component of our society. They perform tasks that the private sector and the government are not capable (or interested) in doing. Nonprofit organizations represent the conscience of society and are the driving force in many efforts aimed at improving the quality of the communities they belong to. However, a nonprofit organization is as strong as the support it receives from the community the organization aspires to serve. Nonprofits have the responsibility of continuously informing the community about their work and engage them in the efforts to carry out its mission.
Furthermore, the natural resource Terra Peninsular tries to conserve does not exist in a vacuum. They are an integral part of a matrix comprised of urban and rural communities, agricultural fields and natural landscapes. With this in mind, Terra has initiated a community outreach and sustainable development program to better connect with people who use, depend (and enjoy) these natural landscapes.
In addition, Terra Peninsular has opened a community center in the heart of Ensenada. This community center (designed by Duy Tran) holds the superb photographs of Alan Harper, one of the best photographers of the Baja California Peninsula natural landscapes, and the traditional art of the indigenous communities our organization partners with. Throughout the year we will host temporary exhibits of local and international artists and a lecture series that will bring close to the public the work of experts in the fields of science, art and conservation.  To learn more about Terra’s Community Center and Gallery events, please send us an email:  info@terrapeninsular.org, or visit our website and Facebook page.
We hope you accompany Terra Peninsular in this new endeavor.

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