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Terra’s Community Center and Gallery is Born

Terra's Vision
It was in the early months of 2011, that Terra Peninsular’s Executive Director, Saul Alarcón Farfán had the innovative idea of establishing a Community Center and Gallery for Terra. With so many changes, projects and new programs, the idea of having a Terra Community Center and Gallery this year seemed somewhat unforeseen.  It takes a leader of vision, a Board willing to invest in an idea and a team of committed and passionate individuals to materialize what was once perceived as almost impossible.  Today, we can proudly share the news that, Terra will open its new Office/Community Center/Gallery very soon.

Transformation in progress
The capability of developing an innovative idea is what separates the good from the exceptional. Very few non-profit organizations have established a Community Center, and only a handful of non-profit organizations in Mexico have worked for 10 years conserving pristine ecosystems and landscapes throughout the Peninsula of Baja California.  With a new office centrally located in Ensenada, an enthusiastic community of environmental stewards in training, Terra is positioned to continue its work preserving Baja California’s  biodiversity in perpetuity,

Welcome to Terra's Community Center and Gallery
In the heart of Ensenada’s tourist center, Terra’s Community Center and Gallery is an extremely interesting fusion of conservation and art - worth visiting on your next trip to Baja.  Meet Terra staff and volunteers to learn about the important work being done to protect and preserve the Baja Peninsula for future generations, enjoy images of magical landscapes of Baja in our Gallery, and sign-up for upcoming events at our Community Center where environmental education, presentations and lecture series will take place.

Community Center and Gallery Interior
Duy Tran, Creative Director of D87T Design, worked with Terra to actualize its vision into a versatile and modern design. The goal was to transform this vision into a Community Center, Gallery and work-space, providing tourists, visitors, volunteers and donors a visual and interactive learning experience that transports them into the ecosystems of our conservation project sites in Baja California.  A place where a community of students, teachers, scientists, environmentalists and general public can gather and share knowledge to create a community of environmental stewards and help Terra Peninsular continue its conservation efforts..

Photo Gallery
To receive updates on Terra’s Community Center and Gallery Events please check our website and our Facebook page.  To learn more about our Opening Gala Event, please send your contact information (name, telephone number, email and mailing address) to Arturo Angeles, Community Outreach Manager at info@terrapeninsular.org

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