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Turning Vision into Reality: D87T DESIGN & Terra’s Community Center & Gallery

Photo Courtesy of Alan Harper.  All Rights Reserved.
I first learned about Terra Peninsular through Saul Alarcón, Terra’s Executive Director.  Saul contacted me while I was working on my thesis at Woodbury University.  Once he shared Terra Peninsular’s mission, I was completely esteemed to become part of an organization that preserves the natural environment and beauty of the peninsula of Baja California.   

After several meetings with the Terra staff, it was decided that the new space should be designed as a multi-use facility - a Community Center and Gallery promoting environmental stewardship, and an office for day-to-day operations.  Furthermore, once hearing that Ensenada was the new location for Terra’s Community Center and Gallery, I became excited knowing that Ensenada is home to one of the top ten ranking public Universities in Mexico (UABC) and also hosts thousands of tourists every week.  These communities can learn more about the surrounding context where they are - either studying or visiting.  After seeing the project process, I was extremely pleased with the design outcome.  I am certain that those who come and visit Terra’s Community Center and Gallery will enjoy it as much as I did while in the designing phase.  

Congratulations to Terra for their exciting upcoming Community Center and Gallery opening gala!
Duy Tran

Duy Tran
Duy Tran received a Bachelor of Architecture degree from Woodbury University. While at Woodbury University, he attended numerous foreign programs at Southeast University (Nanjing, China) and in Paris, France. During his years at Woodbury, he exceed by winning awards and nominations. In 2009, he was nominated for the 2x8 competition. In 2010, he was the winner of the Grand Critique. In 2011, he became a Dean List recipient for his GPA.
Duy continues to use his skills from his experiences in order to influence his design in multiple type of mediums. Duy has a keen ability to understand culture, art, and bold ideas in order to transform design problem into a appropriate architecture solution.
"architecture is to remedy the insecurities when other media are incapable of devising a treatment..."
Contact D87T Design at: duy@d87t.com - Ph: 619.889.9780 - Web: www.d87t.com - Assistant: Andres Contreras

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