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Take the Challenge and Maximize Your Support for Terra Peninsular!

Thanks to a generous Challenge Grant, new gifts and increased donations received in 2011 will be matched 1:1.   Please help Terra Peninsular meet this challenge and continue its efforts to conserve Baja California’s biodiversity, indigenous communities, habitats and open spaces in perpetuity – Donate Now!
Take the challenge and protect Baja California for future generations (photo courtesy of Alan Harper, PhD and Terra Board Member)
  • Preserve an unprotected biological hotspot threatened by development
  • Protect wildlife by establishing protected areas along the Pacific Coast peninsula
  • Increase awareness and promote action at Terra Project sites
  • Continue cultural preservation efforts with indigenous communities
  • Launch our educational and environmental stewardship outreach program
Terra Peninsular has been conserving the natural beauty of Baja California since 2001.  The Peninsula’s wilderness is part of the same greater ecosystem that exists in much of California – and with 75% of the historic California hotspots destroyed or degraded, and roughly 30% of Baja California’s residual habitats lost in the last decade alone, growing pressures to develop the Peninsula’s beautiful coastline and uplands threaten the remaining wilderness and ecosystem in this pristine hotspot.  
Terra Peninsular Project Sites in the Californias
Using conservation science and successful partnerships with national and international nonprofit organizations, the Mexican and US government, and indigenous and local communities, Terra has become one of the most effective land conservation organizations in Baja California. Only long-term alternatives can counter the short-term, cash-out vision of unsustainable development projects. And with the closing of the local Nature Conservancy office in Baja California, the need for strong, local conservation organizations is even more apparent.
To continue this important work, we need your help now:
DONATE TODAY – DOUBLE YOUR IMPACT: Your commitment to the environment and dedication to making a difference provides Terra the essential support needed to continue our work addressing critical conservation initiatives affecting the Peninsula of Baja California. As a recipient of a generous challenge grant, will match new and increased donations received in 2011 will be matched:  please Donate Now!
SHARE THE NEWS – TELL A FRIEND & PASS IT ON:  Forward our newsletter to your friends and family and have them sign up to receive important information about Terra’s mission.
BECOME A STEWARD FOR THE ENVIRONMENT: One of our goals is to educate our community to become environmental stewards through active involvement and hands-on experience.  If you are interested in signing up to learn more about our Community Center and Gallery Events – please send Arturo Angeles, Community Outreach Manager, an email at
WORKSHOPS AND GUIDED TOURS THROUGH TERRA’S PROJECT SITES: Be sure to sign-up on our website to receive our news alerts and become a fan of the Terra Peninsular Facebook page.

As you all know, our success depends on your continued support and involvement.

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