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Terra’s first tour to Sierra de Juarez

(Photo courtesy of Arturo Angeles)
During the last weekend of September, Terra had its first trip to a conservation site. A group of 12 friends of Terra and Terra staff spent the day at the Sierra de Juarez to learn and enjoy the pristine wildlife and landscapes of Sierra de Juarez.

September’s last Sunday was the date when Terra Peninsular had its first trip to a conservation site. In this first occasion, we chose the Sierra de Juarez inspired on its beauty and ecological importance. Our guests attending the tour were treated to a healthy breakfast to fuel up for a full day of fun in the forest; Saul, Terra’s Executive director, gave them a presentation of the ecological importance that the Sierra de Juarez has in Baja, and how Terra works to continue conserving this beautiful location. 

With sunblock, binoculars and cameras fully charged, in the winding road out of Ensenada one can see how the city turns to rural ranches before reaching the unpopulated road into the Sierra de Juarez. Just as malls shift into cattle ranches, shrubs turn into pines once entering the dirt road of the Sierra. Upon arriving at Rancho Casa Verde  - a solar powered ecofriendly ecotourism ranch - we were all anxious to breathe-in the rich, pure air and hear the music of the leaves moving on the trees. After being greeted by a pack of dogs and some chickens, we headed into the stream to relax under the shade of the Jeffrey pines, observing the colorful birds and listening to the water stream. A complete sensory experience rarely enjoyed in the city. 

Group arriving at the stream in Rancho Casa Verde (Photo courtesy of Arturo Angeles)
We then headed off to follow the stream, where we were all surprised by the many water patterns that had left their mark on the boulders and rocks throughout the  passage of centuries, to later reach a small waterfall where you could use a rope to climb down or stay on top marveling the vast openness, colors and patterns of the Sierra de Juarez landscape.

Jorge walks among the lush vegetation next to the stream which ends in a waterfall (Photo courtesy of Arturo Angeles)
After taking some photos of the waterfall and of the landscape we walked back to the cabin area to have some delicious, juicy carne asada with fresh salsa, and a cold refreshing drink. Around four in the afternoon, with the sun alerting us that it was time to go back home, we took the final group photos, thanked the owners of the ranch for their hospitality and drove back to Ensenada. 

This was the first of many trips to conservation sites that Terra will organize. We want to provide the community with an opportunity to learn about Terra’s work and enjoy the natural resources in the area, make new friends and have one day safe and fun getaway from the urban routine.

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