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Conserving Sierra de Juárez, Baja California, Mexico

Symposium at CICESE
Terra Peninsular tackled the environmental problems that arose from the construction of wind energy farms in Sierra de Juarez that Sempra Energy owned, Energia Sierra Juarez Corporation, is currently planning to build. Some of the effects on the ecosystem are habitat fragmentation, increased border effect, pollution, increased risk of wild fires, obstruction of avian migratory route, increased mortality of wild flora and fauna in the region.

Symposium Overview
Due to urban development pressures, closeness to major urban cities of Tijuana, Mexicali and Ensenada and global warming effects, the Sierra de Juarez ecological and landscape value and conservation strategies may change. With this in mind, Terra Peninsular, along with government and private institutions, organized the Symposium:‘The Future of Conservation in Sierra de Juarez” as well as the Forum: ‘Wind Energy in Baja California: The Best Alternative Energy for the Region?’, to help establish Sierra de Juarez wild land use and conservation policy.

Lucila Cruz, from Oaxaca, in Southern Mexico, speaking about the set of problems that were created after the construction of an energy wind farm in Oaxaca
On July 1st and December the 8th of 2011, Mexican and international conservation experts discussed the situation and future conservation strategies to preserve the Sierra de Juarez, including the proposed wind energy project development, and different alternative energy projects options that minimize the environmental, social economic impacts in Mexico. As a result of these gatherings, 11 scientific articles were written, and had assistance of 24 presenters from Mexico and abroad, that talked about the effects and solutions that may become essential for the preservation of Sierra de Juarez and set the foundations for a joint United States and Mexico bi-national environmental conservation plan.

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