martes, diciembre 27

Thank you to our 2011 Donors!

We would like to express our appreciation and gratitude for your generosity in support of Terra Peninsular.  Your support was incredibly helpful!

Alan B Harper, PhD
Angus Parker
B.J. & Margaret Polak
Bart O'Brien
BJ Ledyard
Bob & Hanno Lewis
Celia C.J. Solis
Christopher A. Reed
Colin Khoury
Daniel S. Cooper
Daniel Silver, MD
Dave Weissman
David E. Ketter & Mary J. Dugaw-Ketter
David Loeb
Debra Valov & Gail Pacifica
Denis Trafecanty
Dennis Davison & Jean M. Perata
Ed Silver
Eduardo F. Martinez
Ellen M. Clark & Robert M. Gerber
Erin Riordan
J.S. Riley
Jerre A. Stallcup
JiJi Foundation
Johana Dawes
Joyce W. Hawley
Judy Liber
Kyle Todd Public Service Foundation, Inc.
Libby Ingalls
Lisa M. Fimiani
Lisa Moctezuma
Lyn Talkovsky
Marisla Foundation
Michael R. Eaton
Phyllis Faber
Phyllis Quan
Regina Phelps
Resources Legacy Fund
Richard E. Block
Richard Erickson
Robert Maddock
Ruth Norris
Sarah Ratay
Stacy J. Bermingham
Sula Vanderplank
Susan Smartt
The David and Lucile Packard Foundation
William H. and Mary H. Clark
William McCoy & Natasha Beery
William Tippets
Worldwide Small Change Foundation, Inc
Zoila Aviles & Liliana Hueso

and everyone else that helped us in so many ways, because of you - we can meet our goals and keep protecting the Baja California Peninsula for future generations!

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