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San Quintin, Our Resource to Protect

With the goal of promoting the conservation of wild lands in San Quintin, Baja California, non-profit organizations like Pro Esteros, A.C., The Nature Conservancy, Terra Peninsular, A.C. and Pronatura Noroeste, A.C., since October of 2009 have implemented the campaign “San Quintin, Our Resource to Protect”, focused on modifying the perception and attitude towards wild lands by educating about the ecological value and the importance of the natural resources, goods and services that San Quintin provides to communities’ way of life in its surroundings.

San Quintin promotion and conservation campaign logo
The campaign “San Quintin, Our Resource to Protect” is based on the use of social media marketing strategies to change the behavior of the population and promote the conservation of the area. The local mass media of San Quintin have supported the campaign by spreading and promoting the campaign message. The City and State government and most regional academic institutions have supported the initiative by having professors, principals and deans voice their support for the conservation of San Quintin’s wild lands.

After six months of executing the campaign, a market research study yielded that 26.47% of the population could identify an ecosystem (bay, dunes, wetlands, coastal sage scrub, beach) as elements that gave identity to San Quintin;  agriculture 18.38%, oisters and sea food 10.29%, cultural diversity 6.62%, landscapes and wild ecosystems 5.88% and its people 5.88%. This pattern is indicative of the campaign’s success, being that pre-campaign studies showed agriculture as the most important element that gave San Quintin its identity. And there was a 17% increase in the number of people that could identify an environmental group in San Quintin.

The mascot used for the campaign, interacting with children from the Valley of San Quintin

(Photo courtesy of Pro Esteros, A.C.)

Without a doubt, this project has helped to improve communication among environmental non-profit organizations and the community of San Quintin; though constant and friendly communication with the different sectors of the community, the wild lands conservation messages have given life and identity to the valuable region of San Quintin.

~ Gabriel Camacho Jimenez
   Pro Esteros, A.C. 

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