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Together We Can Make a Difference – Here’s How!

Join Team Terra!  Together, we can make a difference!

Join Team Terra and become a steward for the environment.  Please get your family and friends involved and join Terra Peninsular in its fight to protect the Peninsula of Baja California.  Together we can continue Terra’s mission to protect and preserve these unique habitats that harbor the plants and wildlife species found only in the Peninsula of Baja California.  
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It’s through your support we are able to continue our campaigns to conserve Baja California’s unique biodiversity, habitats and open spaces for future generations:  www.terrapeninsular.org

Please Join Us - Thursday, January 26th: Exhibit Opening - Adobe Guadalupe Vineyards and Inn 
Share The News – Tell A Friend & Pass It On:  Please forward our newsletter to your friends and family and have them sign up to receive important information about Terra’s commitment and work protecting the Peninsula of Baja California for future generations.  

Become A Terra Volunteer – We Need Your Help!  Exciting events and volunteer opportunities coming up!  Interested?  Send an email to Arturo Angeles, Community Outreach Manager with your complete contact information: volunteers@terrapeninsular.org / Subject Line:  Volunteering for Terra!

Internship Positions Available!  Keep checking our website and facebook page - make sure you are signed up to receive our newsletters and alerts and are a fan of the Terra Peninsular Facebook page to receive updates on recruiting events and internship opportunities.

Workshops And Guided Tours Through Terra’s Project Sites:  Our goal is to educate our community to become environmental stewards through active involvement and hands-on experience.  Be sure to sign-up on our website to receive our news alerts and become a fan of the Terra Peninsular Facebook page.

Terra's guided tour through Sierra de Juárez (Photo by: Terra Peninsular
DONATE NOW: Your commitment to the environment and dedication to making a difference provides Terra the essential support needed to continue its work addressing critical conservation initiatives affecting the Peninsula of Baja California.

Help Protect the Baja California Peninsula’s Unique Habitats and Landscapes Today – Please Donate Now!

*Donations received through the International Community Foundation / Terra Peninsular Fund are fully tax-deductible.

Thank you for supporting the Terra Peninsular Fund at the 
International Community Foundation  

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