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Environmental Impact Statement for US/Mexico Interconnection for “Energía Sierra Juárez”

Dear Friend of Terra Peninsular,

We are asking our members and friends to comment on a proposal to permit
an “interconnection” between the US and Mexico for the “Energía Sierra Juárez” project. Comments are due by March 8!

Sempra Energy is proposing to build a massive wind energy project in the Sierra Juárez, just south of Tecate, to supply energy for the United States market. Terra Peninsular is very worried about the potential impact of this project, especially given the completely inadequate environmental impact statement that Sempra submitted for this project. Sempra is planning on building up to 1,000 turbines, each 500 feet tall, in a 1,000 square mile wilderness.

Of course a project of this size will threaten the wildlife of the region, especially the birds and that bats that will be killed by these turbines.

Terra is fighting this project in the Mexican courts, because we feel that the scientific information to analyze the costs and benefits of this project has been completely inadequate. (In fact, the benefits to Mexico are basically zero, as all the power from this project will be sent to the US).

Recently, a comment period has been opened for the Presidential Permit that Sempra will need to string a power line across the border and bring power into the country. Please take a minute to send your comments in opposition to this permit.

Address your comments to Jerry.Pell@hq.doe.gov. In your letter you can just state your opposition to this permit while the issue is in front of the Mexican courts, and mention the woefully inadequate environmental review that this project has been given in Mexico.

Thank you from all of us at Terra. Language you can use follows.


Dr. Jerry Pell
Office of Electricity Delivery and Energy Reliability, OE–20
U.S. Department of Energy
1000 Independence Avenue SW.
Washington, DC 20585–0001

Dear Dr. Pell

I write in opposition to the Presidential Permit proposed for “Energía
Sierra Juárez” on the US/Mexico border (OE Docket No. PP-334).

This permit should not be given until the proponents of the project have given adequate study of the environmental impacts of this massive wind energy project, and until they can show that they are in compliance with the appropriate environmental laws in the US and Mexico.

This project to construct 1,000 wind turbines in over 1,000 square miles of wilderness near the border has been authorized without any consideration of the impact that it would have on the birds, bats, and wildlife corridors of the region, and could have devastating effects on protected and threatened species and wildlife in both the US and Mexico. This project is currently being challenged in the Mexican courts by a Mexican environmental organization due to the complete lack of review before permits were given.

No permits should be issued at the very least until it is demonstrated that this project is in compliance with Mexican law, and that the energy produced meets the California Renewable Energy Portfolio Standards.

Thank you for your attention to this matter.


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