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Historical Corridor CAREM

My name is Zella Ibáñez and I serve as Executive Director (volunteer) at CAREM.  First of all, I would like to thank Terra Peninsular for the opportunity of introducing Historical Corridor CAREM, A.C. (CAREM) to its readers.  CAREM is a Mexican non-profit association representing the entire State of Baja California and located in Tecate, Baja California.  Our association is comprised of Baja Californians and other interested supporters in Mexico and throughout the world.  CAREM was established in 1997 to work in concert with National Institute of Anthropology and History (INAH) and others to salvage the cultural heritage that is found along the ancient mission trails of Baja California.  CAREM has since expanded their vision to include ALL historic sites of the peninsula and to educate the public about these cultural treasures.  Government is not a part in our organization but we work with all departments of government when the occasion arises.  Our mission is to help identify, protect, preserve and present to the public our historical and cultural treasures. Our association is comprised completely of volunteers, except for our library manager in Tecate.

Some of our projects include assisting in the restoration and protection of the mission sites, assisting in the restoration of Campo Alaska in La Rumorosa, B.C., building a specialized library in Tecate B. C. with information about Baja California which is sorely lacking in most libraries of the area, building the first Tecate Community Museum, an oral history program, many workshops for teachers and students, lectures and book presentations and tours of our beautiful State.  We are most excited about collaborating with Terra Peninsular in presenting the Discover Baja California Tour on April 27 -29, 2012.  This tour will bring its participants the opportunity to experience the beauty of Baja California that Terra Peninsula and CAREM are working hard to protect.  We hope you will consider joining us and learning more about our organizations and Baja California. Due to space limitations, we encourage you to reserve your spot now for this exciting Tour!

To learn more about our organization, please visit www.carem.org

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