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A Note from the Executive Director

“Our culture is formed by common and distinct roots thatintermingle and help each other to flourish, because the meaning of life is inthe other. That is how the WE was born.”

The recurring crises that have affected Mexico in the last100 years have shown the fragility of her economic and political systems. Butthese crises have also revealed “…that in the midst of all our misfortunessomething kept standing: our cultural heritage. What we have created with thehighest joy, significance and risk; a culture that we have been capable ofcreating during the last 500 years as descendants of Native Americans, Blacksand Europeans in the New World… That is why our incapacity to establish acomparable political and economic identity becomes perplexing. The main reason is, that very often, wehave searched or imposed development models with no relation with our culturalreality… In our politics and our economy, we change our suits like we wereattending a different party every 50 years. In contrast, the Mexican culture has an amazingcontinuity. Rediscovering ourcultural heritage could give us, with some effort and luck, the necessaryvision of concurrences between culture, economy and politics. That is perhaps our most importantmission in the twenty first century (Carlos Fuentes, The Buried Mirror.)”

Cultural Diversity in Mexico - Indigenous Languages - CONACULTA
For Terra Peninsular, it is crucial to find a vision thatembraces culture, economics and politics as stated by Carlos Fuentes. But we would add to this vision ournatural capital, expressed in our exceptional biological diversity.

From April 27-29 of this year Terra Peninsular andHistorical Corridor CAREM invite you to discover an extraordinary example ofwhat makes Mexico one of the most culturally and biologically diverse countriesin the world. Join us. Because you cannot appreciate what you do not know.
Saúl Alarcón Farfán - Executive Director

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