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A Special Invitation to Terra Members – Discover Baja California Tour April 2012

Presentedby Corredor Historico CAREM, A.C. and Terra Peninsular, the 2012 Discover Baja California Tour scheduled April 27th thru 29th - We would like to extend a special invitationto Terra members to experience the natural beauty of Baja California that bothCAREM and Terra Peninsular have worked so hard to protect. Join us on this three-day educationaltour and learn about the natural landscapes, endemic wildlife and culturaltraditions of the first indigenous settlers of the pristine Peninsula of BajaCalifornia – so biologically rich, named one of the biodiversity hotspots of theWorld.
Discover BajaCalifornia 2012 Tour

This touris sure to be an unforgettable experience and we hope you will be able to joinus. As space is limited on thistour – if you are interested, please send in your reservation form today. All Terra members receive a 10% discount. If you have any questions or would like moreinformation please contact Celia (celia@terrapeninsular.org).

Discover Baja 3-Day Tour – April 27th – 29thBrochure

Reservation Form

Thanksfor your continued support!

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