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Terra Peninsular Community Center and Gallery at your Service

Community Center & Gallery.  Photo by: Zoila Aviles
The Terra Peninsular Community Center and Gallery is a functional work office, art gallery and multipurpose space that has the objective of raising awareness, educate visitors on environmental conservation, and motivate them to take action conserving and protecting the beautiful natural resources of Baja California.

Our Community Center & Gallery exhibits photographs of landscape and endemic life by Alan Harper, PhD. Photo by: Alan Harper, PhD.
Located just a few blocks away from the cruise ship landing, the Terra Peninsular Community Center and Gallery is in a very strategic location that allows the hosting of various events and attracts international tourists as well as local residents. With wood laminated floor, excellent day and night lighting, air conditioning, two restrooms and mounting rails to hang paintings and photographs; the versatility of this site makes it ideal for art exhibits, as well as presentations and workshops.

We invite you to come visit our Community Center and Gallery to enjoy the beautiful landscapes and endemic wildlife of Baja California caught in the photographs taken by professional photographer and Terra Peninsular co-founder, Alan Harper, PhD. Come and ask about exhibits and services at the Community Center and Gallery.
Located in downtown Ensenada, it's an ideal location to host presentations, workshops, art exhibits or gatherings. Photo by: Zoila Aviles

We also want to take this opportunity to invite you to our current exhibition: “Line of Horizon” a digital drawing exhibition in which the best artists from the Faculty of Arts of the Universidad Autonoma de Baja California Ensenada Campus, spent nine days camping in Parque Nacional Constitucion de 1857 in Sierra de Juarez, sketching and digitally drawing the flora and fauna using portable tablet computers. The exhibit will be in place at the Community Center and Gallery until Friday April 6th.

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