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Saving Paradise .. Protecting Valle Tranquilo

The Valle Tranquilo region in northwest Baja California forms the southernmost coastal edge of the California Floristic Province (CFP). It has seven large watersheds whose arroyos create distinct landforms that form the geological foundation for the dominant Maritime Succulent Scrub plant community, with many birds, mammals, and reptiles depending on this important habitat.

Unique to Valle Tranquilo - the Maritime Succulent Scrub is found nowhere else in the world. It is the unique intersection of xeric Succulents with Coastal Sage Scrub plants that makes the Maritime Succulent Scrub so fascinating. With over 30% of the plant species endemic or near their range limit - Valle Tranquilo contains a high level of endemism.

Terra Peninsular has purchased 9,100 acres and has environmental easements on over 10,000 additional acres in Valle Tranquilo. In addition, Terra Peninsular is negotiating to purchase the easement land and create the first Maritime Succulent Scrub Nature Preserve in the world.

We need your help! For $160,000 Terra Peninsular can preserve 1,000 acres within Valle Tranquilo.

Photo by: Jim Riley

Please take this opportunity to help Terra Peninsular protect Valle Tanquilo for future generations.

Please donate online through the International Community Foundation – Terra Peninsular, A.C. Friends of Fund (

or send a check made payable to the International Community Foundation – Terra Peninsular Fund: International Community Foundation, 2505 N Avenue, National City, CA. 91950, USA.

All donations received through the International Community Foundation are fully tax-deductible –

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