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“Ensenada Journeys” and “Nature’s Way” Art Exhibits at the Terra Gallery

We at Terra Peninsular are very excited about our next guest exhibits that we will be hosting in July and August; thanks to the Riverside Community Arts Association (RCAA) and the International Relations Council of Riverside we will bring you the “Ensenada Journeys” and “Nature’s Way” art exhibits. "Ensenada Journeys" exhibit will feature over 20 artworks by the RCAA Director and artist, Mark Schooley, that were create in Ensenada, Baja California, as well as in his studio, that have been inspired by his visits to Riverside’s Sister City, Ensenada. “Nature’s Way” features artworks by the Plein Air Artists of Riverside (Plein Air: French for open air); this group of landscape outdoors painters are affiliated with the Riverside Art Museum, and are strong supporters of environmental protection. Their paintings involve artists working in nature, directly translating their impressions onto their canvass or paper.

Painting of palm trees populating the horizon. By artist Joan Coffey

This exhibit is part of the Ensenada, Riverside Sister Cities Program that was founded in 1959 by president of the United States, General Dwight D. Eisenhower, who proposed this communication plan with the goal of creating friendship and exchange partnerships between American cities and cities from throughout the world as an initiative to preserve world peace.

Through this partnership Riverside and Ensenada look to strengthen their relationship in order to achieve mutual goals, gain insight into issues of common interest like student exchanges, education and environmental conservation, and promote a greater understanding of the culture, history and economy of Mexico.

This painting will be exhibited at the Terra Peninsular Community Center and Gallery from July 14th to August 24th, 2012. By artist Mark Schooley

The exhibits inauguration will take place on Saturday July 14th from 7pm to 9pm at the Terra Peninsular Community Center and Gallery, and the artworks will continue to be displayed for you to enjoy throughout July and until August 24th, 2012. Members of the RCAA and the Plein Air Artists of Riverside will be at the exhibit opening, so we invite you to come to our exhibits inauguration, meet the artists, Terra staff and many fun and interesting people.

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