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Indigenous Basketry in Baja California

Since remote times, baskets have been used all over the Peninsula of Baja California for recollection and food storage and processing. These days, there are four types of baskets produced: barns made out of leaves and sauce twigs, junco woven baskets, and pine and palm leave baskets.

There is no accurate date estimation of when indigenous basketry originated, experts do agree that this activity flourished as their societies developed; when community members had the need to transport and store various products and foods.

Sauce basket and its traditional use for food storage. Photo by Horacio Gonzalez Moncada.

Since unmemorable times, each group has practiced a specific variety of basketry, that is created using materials available in their natural environment and their knowledge on the material provided by nature.

In contrast with other artisan activities, basketry is one of the most abundant human activities in the world. There is record that the number of people dedicated to the creation of baskets is far greater than those dedicated to pottery.

Basket workers of La Huerta indigenous community. Photo by Horacio Gonzalez Moncada

In Baja California, the Kumeyaay communities in San Jose de la Zorra and San Antonio, have a fair number of men and women dedicated to producing junco and sauce baskets. La Huerta (Kumeeyay community), Santa Catarina (Paipai community) and Kiliwas community have skillful pine and palm basketry manufacturers; resources that are abundant in the territories near the Sierra de Juarez and Sierra San Pedro Martir.

Sauce basketry workshop for youth in San Antonio Necua indigenous community. Photo by Horacio Gonzalez Moncada

Terra Peninsular promotes the marketing of indigenous basketry by exhibiting them and the sale of indigenous products in its community center and gallery, as well as in the indigenous art workshop held at the community center and gallery where these ancient techniques are taught to the public.

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