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Conservation Week Conferences

The "Semana Nacional por la Conservacion" (National Conservation Week) is a Mexican celebration that was initiated in the year 2,000 by the Comision Nacional de Areas Protegidas (National Commission for Protected Areas, CONANP), with the goal of executing biodiversity conservation initiatives, of promoting the sustainable management of natural resources, and develop projects that benefit the communities that live within or around Natural Protected Areas.

To commemorate National Conservation Week, Terra Peninsular held a series of free conferences to raise awareness on the work of Natural Protected Areas and their role in the conservation of natural resources. The conferences were held at the Terra Peninsular Community Center and Gallery, and where given by the Baja California Natural Protected Area directors. On Wednesday 24th, Gonzalo de Leon Giron gave the conference on Parque Nacional Sierra de San Pedro Martir (Sierra San Pedro Martir National Park), on Thursday 25th, Carlos Godinez Reyes talked about the importance of Parque Nacional Zona Marina Archipielago de San Lorenzo (San Lorenzo Archipelago Maritime Zone National Park), of the Reserva Biologica Bahia de los Angeles (Bahia de los Angeles Biological Reserve) and about Area Protegida de Flora y Fauna Islas del Golfo de California (Islands of the Gulf of California Flora and Fauna Protected Area). Friday was Santos Soto Jaime's turn to share about the Natural Protected Area that he directs, the Parque Nacional Constitucion de 1857 (Constitution of 1857 National Park); Tuesday's conference was on the Reserva de la Biosfera Isla Guadalupe (Isla Guadalupe Biosphere Reserve) by Nadia Olivares Bañuelos, and the conferences series was closed with a conference on photographing Baja California landscapes by professional photographer and Terra Peninsular founding board member, Alan Harper, PhD.

San Lorenzo Archipelago Maritime Zone National Park, Bahia de los Angeles Biological Reserve and Islands of the Gulf of California Flora and Fauna Protected Area Director, talking about the native fauna of Baja California

With the assistance of approximately 180 students, scientists, environmentalists, tourists and Ensenada, Rosarito and Tijuana communities members, the Terra Peninsular National Conservation Week conference series offered the opportunity to learn about the flora and fauna of Baja California Natural Protected Areas and their management, directly from the people that direct this conservation efforts; which was a huge success.

Our friends from Isla Guadalupe Biosphere Reserve brought lobster that are found in the Reserve

We want to thank our sponsors, Tadaima Sushi Thai, Alximia Vino Elemental and Vinos de Ensenada, our volunteers Jorge, Roberto and Daniela for all their help, and the Natural Protected Areas speakers for their participation at Terra Peninsular's commemoration of National Conservation Week.

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