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Environmental Education and History and Culture Workshops for Kumeyaay Indians

By Horacio Gonzalez Moncada
Terra Peninsular Sustainable Development Coordinator

The National Commission for the Development of the Indigenous People (Comision Nacional para el Desarrollo de los Pueblos Indigenas), Mexico's federal government entity in charge of attending issues related to indigenous communities, invited Terra Peninsular to participate in the program Co-responsible Participation for the Strengthening and Social Cohesion, which has the goal of promoting cultural identity in men and women of the Kumeyaay native indigenous community of San Jose de la Zorra. This project strives to create the venue to allow the sharing of knowledge, promotion of reflection, and to generate state of mind to respect and appreciate the environment and cultural heritage.

Children from the indigenous community of San Jose de la Zorra learning about regional insects. Photo by Terra Peninsular

To accomplish these goals, Jorge Flores, Terra Peninsular Community Center and Gallery Coordinator, gave a series of environmental education workshops to children aged 8 to 12, in which the children had the opportunity to learn about the entomological richness of the region and make natural color dyes with wild flowers.

Children from San Jose de la Zorra learning how to make recycled paper. Photo by Terra Peninsular

Horacio Gonzalez, Terra Peninsular Sustainable Development Coordinator, gave Kumeyaay History and Culture workshops, and continues working with the community's youth, teaching the oral history techniques so that they can interview their elders and have a understanding of their community's history.

In turn, the community elders continue taking classes on native tongue for children and youth with the goal of rescuing their native language, being that out of 250 San Jose de la Zorra indigenous community members, only 20 know the language.

Terra participates and supports these initiatives with great interest that without a doubt will continue preserving the cultural and natural heritage of original inhabitants of the peninsula of Baja California.

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