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Light, Film & Pixels-Photographing Baja California's Landscape

Experience the Wonder of Baja California with Alan Harper, PhD.

Thanks to those who joined us on Thursday, November 1st at the Terra Peninsular Gallery and Community Center for a special presentation, "Light, Film & Pixels--Photographing Baja California's Landscapes" by Alan Harper, PhD., professional photographer and Terra Peninsular founding board member. A region best preserved and least protected, the Peninsula of Baja California is where extraordinary biodiversity, rapid development, and serene beauty are found in close proximity. Considered part of the 34 global biodiversity hotspots’, Baja California represents one of the most important areas for conservation. Since 2003, Alan has used large format photography to capture the natural beauty of Baja California. On Thursday, Alan will share his knowledge about landscape photography, give insight into how the camera records and changes reality, in hopes of encouraging you to truly experience the wonder of Baja California. Featured will be photographs taken from his exhibit “Baja, Portraits of a Seductive Landscape”.

Millions of people live here, and many more pass through searching for the “real Baja” to the south. But it is here that we find some of the most beautiful landscapes, a soft and inviting climate, and flora and fauna that can fascinate for a lifetime.”
- (Alan Harper, PhD)

Still very active with various conservation projects, Alan hopes to see you on Thursday, November 1st and invites you to join Terra Peninsular in its mission protecting the natural and pristine beauty found only in the Peninsula of Baja California. There’s so much more work that needs to be done and we need your help. Your continued support helps Terra Peninsular continue its conservation efforts protecting and preserving the natural beauty of Baja California.

For event information or to RSVP - please contact Arturo at terracenter@terrapeninsular.org.

Limited Edition Gallery Note Cards: Portraits of a Seductive Landscape Collection
For a limited time, we are offering a special opportunity to help Terra Peninsular save some of the most beautiful landscapes and natural habitat. With your online gift of $50.00 we will send you a set of the limited edition gallery collection as a thank-you for helping Terra Peninsular continue its mission to protect the natural beauty of Baja California. This set features some of Alan’s favorite images of Terra Peninsular project sites – from the unique plants and stunning landscapes found only in this region, to the coastal beauty of Punta Banda and the snow-peaked mountain in the Sierra San Pedro Mártir.

About Terra Peninsular
Since 2001, Terra Peninsular has worked to preserve more than 1.4 million-acres of critically important lands in Baja California; completed reforestation projects within the indigenous communities in La Huerta and Santa Catarina; is working to create a federally designated Natural Protected Area in San Quintin, spanning 297,000-acres, and continues preserving California’s floristic province in Northwest Baja California. Using solid scientific research and established strategic partnerships with nonprofit organizations, the Mexican and US government and indigenous and ejido communities, Terra Peninsular has become one of the most effective conservation organizations.

Online donations: International Community Foundation - Terra Peninsular Fund.

For checks, please make payable to: International Community Foundation / Terra Peninsular Fund and mail to: International Community Foundation, 2505 N Avenue, National City, CA. 91950.

Terra Peninsular, A.C., is a Mexican nonprofit organization based in Ensenada, Baja California, Mexico. We have partnered with The International Community Foundation (ICF) as our Fiscal Sponsor. All donations made to the International Community Foundation - Terra Peninsular Fund are tax-deductible.

Thank you so much for your generous support.

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